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Summer of 2009 – Day 3

Posted by @bhitalks on May 26, 2009

After having perched ourselves at the guest house in Tinchuley, we were greeted by the effects of the cyclone ‘Aila’ that hit West Bengal and Bihar. At first it was drizzling but soon turned into a heavy downpour which is now into its second consecutive day! The weather wants to palt spoil sport with us perhaps!

We are unfazed though a little bogged down. After all this cyclone has taken heavy toll in Kolkata (incidently heaviest since 1860s). Moreover landslides in the hills have blocked the roads to Darjeeling, our next destination in the itinerary. The news from Sikkim too is grim.

We changed our plans as the road to Darjeeling is inaccessible and now go to Kalimpong instead. We have made Tinchuley our base camp owing to its central location amongst the places of interest in North of West Bengal. After an early breakfast we drove to Kalimpong. It took us 2 hours to reach Kalimpong while enjoying the surreal-istic beauty of the hills.

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