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Handle the catch!

Posted by @bhitalks on May 27, 2009


Handle the Catch!

Handle the Catch!

Jaishree tried her hands at fishing with the help of some local fishing guys. Shown here in this photograph is her catch which she couldn’t hold for more than a few seconds! The ticklish feeling had her throw it down no sooner than it landed in her palms! Just long enough for this photograph to be taken.

2 Responses to “Handle the catch!”

  1. jaishree kushwaha said

    hi Lepcha, thanks for the appreciation U r absolutely right Tinchuley is one of the amazing places i hv ever seen. I hv been recommending this plce to all my family & friends ever since we got back to Delhi.

    Wish u and ur family A very happy New Year.

    god bless.

  2. lepcha said

    I hope you had a great time being in Darjeeling specially in tinchuley. I am from that place. I found your page in google… and going through your beautiful pictures, it reminded me my Sweet and lovely Place….
    Take care…and Happy New Year too…

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