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Summer of 2009 – Day 4, contd.

Posted by @bhitalks on May 27, 2009

Looking at the gravity of landslides, we had to cut short our visit to Darjeeling and return back.

We then decided to return back to Teesta valley and enjoy the forests on the way to Triveni. We drove through the jungles to the Teesta Tea Estate. Lush green stretches made our day. We even tried sliding down the tea plants in the slopes and had fun doing so. Jaishree was just freaking out laughing at me slipping down and getting stuck at a shrub.

Continuing from the forests we reached the Triveni view point. This view point has been developed just to provide a panoramic view of the ‘sangam’. Triveni is the point where the river Rangeet joins the river Teesta and provides for a magnificient view. The Rangeet is comparitively rapid than the Teesta. This junctions divides the land into the parts of Sikkim, West Bengal and erstwhile portions of Bhutan.

We then drove down further right to the shores of the rivers and spent some time on the white beach. Jaishree even tried her hands at fishing but could not handle the catch! The moment a fish landed in her hands she couldn’t suppress the ticklish feeling and immediately threw it down! At least she held it for a couple of seconds just enough for a photograph to be taken.

After having spent nearly an hour or so at this mini-beach we drove back to our guest house at Tinchuley. Let’s see if the weather improves tomorrow and the landslides get cleared up for our trip to Gangtok.

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2 Responses to “Summer of 2009 – Day 4, contd.”

  1. Rahul & poonam said

    Hi Abhimanyu & Jaishree,

    Excellent work!!!! Fantastic…
    Very interesting!!!

    Breath taking snaps!!!

    we don’t know when will we get time from these busy schedules to see these scenaries actually/live.

    keep it up!!!!

    Rahul & poonam

  2. jaishree said

    hey brilliant work honey, Kudos! just took me back to the beautiful vallies. thank u so much honey u made my dreams come true.

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