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The Triveni or ‘Sangam’

Posted by @bhitalks on May 27, 2009

This picture was taken right at the banks of the two rivers. From the left is the Rangeet coming in to join the Teesta which is flowing in from far behind on the right. The Teesta with Rangeet merged in, then continues towards the near end on the right. This is a view that just captivates you.

Posted by ShoZu

One Response to “The Triveni or ‘Sangam’”

  1. Jaishree and Abhi, its simply amazing to read what you’ve wrote and the way you wrote. Both of us have come your fans….your Blog rocks…I’ve shown these photos to all coz I was so excited… Shazia is saying Hi… and she also liked the way he has written and described the beauty of Darjeeling….tk cr… enjoy…Sanchita

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