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View Point at Tinchuley

Posted by @bhitalks on May 27, 2009

As the morning was greeted by a brilliant sun, the dense clouds eased up and the mist cleared a little. We walked up to the view point at Tinchuley near our guest house. Got a glimpse of the majestic Kunchendzhonga range. Showing in this picture is Jaishree with a backdrop of Mt. Kunchenjunga.

Posted by ShoZu

3 Responses to “View Point at Tinchuley”

  1. Amitava Bhattacharyya said

    Hello, Can you let me know the Ph Numbers of Gurung Guesthouse. Reading your comments I want to visit the place.

    Thanking you in Aniticipation.

    Amitava Bhattacharyya

  2. Hi..
    U had a Good time, I guess.. Im away from home. its been 5 years.. so thanks for your pictures which refresh my memories.. I was wondering how would look like my place these days? and i came to view your site which updated the image of my village in my mind..
    Thanks a lot…………………………………………………………..

  3. tanushikha said

    nic pic of kakisa + da bacdrop
    luvly weather m sure…in pic it luks gr8

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