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Hello Gangtok

Posted by @bhitalks on May 28, 2009


Hello Gangtok

MG Road Market, the main market place in Gangtok. When we reached to this place, it started raining. The market is paved with stone and looks awesome with peculiarly beautiful street lamps and flowers baskets hanging from those lamp posts. It was peak season and the market was crowded with tourists. Starkly different from other cities, Gangtok is composed of multi-storied buildings that are closely packed and strewn on the hills. Another noticiable structure in Gangtok and other towns of Sikkim is the pedestrian walkway. Enclosed with green coloured railings, the footpath is on the left side of the roads and runs approximately 35 kilometres across Sikkim.

2 Responses to “Hello Gangtok”

  1. Interesting!! catching of view from birds point… is beautiful too. Though it is not rainy season but sad that you could not manage to go Darjeeling because of Cyclone Aila, still looks you did some off beaten trek , at Gangtok Didi’s food preparations had been magic, looks like business in world is only to make human being “happy”

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