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At the flower exhibition, Gangtok

Posted by @bhitalks on May 29, 2009


At the Flower Exhibition

The first thing we did on our Gangtok full day excursion was to visit the flower show to pep up our mood. And refresh it did! The valleys in Sikkim are abound with magnificient flora during spring and early summer. By the end of May, we found the blooms scarce but for a few patches. However the flowers are just beautiful and we could never have enough watching those in their full glory.

2 Responses to “At the flower exhibition, Gangtok”

  1. tanushikha said

    oops sry…
    nt “oic” bt “pic”

  2. tanushikha said

    lukin’ soooo cute…
    nic oic
    ma also lykd it

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