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Panoramic Frontier!

Posted by @bhitalks on May 30, 2009

Summer2009_2_127 Stitch2

This photograph was done in panoramic mode at about 1300 hrs. This provides us with a panoramic view of the Sino-Indian border at Nathu La!

Towards the left of those concrete stairs is China. Towards the right is India. You can notice the snow clad Himalayan ranges in China towards extreme left. The blue-capped hut-like structures on the near left of the stairs are the Chinese posts. The one up higher up is a watch post that the Red Army uses to keep a watch on the roads on the Indian side! One Chinese soldier is seen here climbing up to the post on a call from his Major. If you click on this picture and open it up in original size, you will see another Chinese personnel manning the watch post.

Towards the right of the stairs that fortified wall like structure is the Indian army bunkers and posts.

What a sight!

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