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Summer of 2009 – Acks…

Posted by @bhitalks on June 1, 2009

This trip of ours would not have been possible without the help of our friends. We appreciate and acknowledge their support..

Kingshuk Bagchi: Our friend at Kolkata. For literally forcing us on Tinchuley!

Santanu Bhaumik: Our friend at Kolkata. For commiting us into this trip. His support in convincing us for Tinchuley is gratifying. His extended support in securing arrangements for us is invaluable!

Dipendra Gurung: Our host at Tinchuley (the Gurung Guest House). For hospitality we can never forget!

Didi: Our co-host at Tinchuley (the Gurung Guest House). For a home away from home!

Milan: Our escort and concierge at tinchuley (the Gurung Guest House). For his spirits, cheerfulness, and enthusiasm with which we got introduced to this wonderful place!

Gelek Gyatso Bhutia: Our tour organiser at Gangtok. For tailoring our itinerary for Gangtok and Nathu-la.

Karma: Our escort at Gangtok. For helping us soak the serenity around Gangtok. Especially, the gorgeous Lingdong monastary.

Sachin: Our escort on the drive to Nathu-la. For his composed driving and letting us enjoy this beautiful valley.

Rahul and Poonam: Our friends at New Delhi. For extending their help to secure our return tickets.

We thank you all for making this trip a memorable one for us.

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Summer of 2009 – Day 9

Posted by @bhitalks on June 1, 2009

Phew.. finally we are going home! After 8 long days of awesome holidays, we are now just not feeling like going back. From what we experienced in the hills, the 45 degree heat of Delhi coupled with noise, crowd and pollution is scaring the hell out of us!We were on cloud nine while returning home!

Got up late today. Lazy. Got ready lazily. Thanks to our friends, the tickets were confirmed and so was our drop to Bagdogra. Took us hardly 45 minutes to reach the airport. 

We landed at Delhi at about 1700 hrs. Reached home by 1900 hrs. Missing our holidays now!

Missing Tinchuley especially!

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