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Stranded at Siliguri

Posted by @bhitalks on May 31, 2009

Temple at Siliguri


With nothing to do at Siliguri, we decided to enjoy whatever we had on our hands! This photograph on the left is of a beautiful temple near Savin Kingdom on the Darjeeling road. We saw this from the road as we walked down to the park. Perhaps the dusk added to the beauty of this temple.


Archery at Savin Kingdom, an amusement park at Siliguri


We had fun at the amusement park (Savin Kingdom) in Siliguri. For these 2 hours we became children. Uninhibited and hell bent on trying everything!

Shown in this picture on the right is Jaishree, trying her hands at archery!

One Response to “Stranded at Siliguri”

  1. tanushikha said

    arre wah!!
    i wud also lyk 2 try it out…
    kkisa… hw does it feel??
    ma has tried rifle shooting
    & she’s prety gud @ it..

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