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Autumn of 2007, McLeodGanj

Posted by @bhitalks on September 6, 2007

It was Sanjeev who called me up last week asking me to plan a trip to somewhere!

Exactly after a week Sanjeev was there knocking at my one-room terrace accomodation in Green Park, New Delhi. On September 2, 2007 we left for McLeodGanj, Dharamsala, the seat of the 8th Dalai Lama.

We got an overnight train to Pathankot from where took a Himachal Road Transport Bus to McLeodGanj on a 5-hour journey. The ride thru the beautiful Kangra Valley was some experience. McLeodGanj is a little upwards from the bustling town of Dharamsala, nestled on a mountain top.

For two and half days, we had a mesmerizing time away from our respective chores.

You may check out a slideshow of beatutiful photographs on my skydrive here: Autumn of 2007, McLeodGanj

You may view the album at my Facebook profile as well.

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